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Existing Website Review

Existing Website Review

Do you have a website that could do with a website review? Have you ever wondered if your site is well put together or is likely to rank well. Is your keyword density ok and your call to action well balanced.

I will review your front page and one random deep page and cover all the areas below.

First Impressions

When people land on your home page, the worse thing that can happen is they bounce off and leave immediately. Not only could you lose a prospect, you also get penalised by search engines as your website is not interesting, or relevant to the people landing on it.

Your site will be checked on PC and mobile in the website review process. I will cover things like the overall look, page load speed, page load behaviour, font, colours and your business message.


There is an old saying in marketing that goes something like this. If you want your message to be clear, show a 7 year old for 5 seconds, then take it away and ask them what your business does. If they are not correct in the answer, your message is not clear enough. I will check your message and give you suggestions to consider.

Site Performance

I will run a full diagnostic report on several of the top tools in the market and check your back end performance. I will offer you advice on what you should do now, and what is less urgent.

SEO Performance

I will run keyword analysis in your text, your text to code ratios, keyword density, meta tags, and your page rank for what you tell me your primary services are. I will also offer advice of what needs fixing.


You will receive a report showing what your site looks like on all devices, including Android phones, iPhone, Tablets and PCs. So you will know exactly how your site performs on each device.

Marketing Visibility

I will check your site ranking on Bing, Yahoo, Google. I will also check your Google Business Places and BING Business listing and offer advice on how to improve these.


You will also receive a report on how many pages link to you, the quality of your links, your cross linking, internal and external links.


Are you call to actions appropriate, or are they too bold and intrusive, or meek and mild and unlikely to get traction, I will offer my experience here too.

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